Quizrr: Mitigating risks for migrant workers in global supply chains

Member webinar introducing the new Quizrr module for migrant workers and ethical recruitment.

Migrant workers can be found in global supply chains in all industries, filling labour shortages and contributing to economic growth. These workers are often difficult to reach and lack a comprehensive understanding of their rights in the host country. This puts them at particular risk of exploitation and exposure to discrimination and human trafficking. Risks that have exacerbated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is crucial for responsible businesses to minimise risks of exploitation and secure good working conditions for migrant workers in the supply chain. To assist companies in this task, Quizrr has developed a new training module focusing on migrant workers and ethical recruitment. Join our webinar to learn more about this particular challenge and what Quizrr can offer your company.


  • Short backdrop of ETI x Quizrr Collaboration
  • How it works – brief introduction to the tool
  • Business cases on Ethical Recruitment/Migrant workers (Thailand, Taiwan, Jordan)
  • Overview of markets and migrant languages
  • How to get started to mitigate risk for migrant workers (incl. Quizrr collaboration with Ulula)
  • Member poll (markets, topics, general feedback)
  • Q & A

About Quizrr:
Since 2013, Quizrr has offered an innovative digital training platform to advance corporate responsibility and capacity building in global supply chains in topics such as rights and responsibilities, social dialogue, ethical recruitment, wage management and more. Quizrr’s engaging digital training reaches all the way to the worker level,and provides client support for onboarding, digital training plans and follow-up of results in real time via the online platform. Read more here.

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