Living Wage Wednesdays – Living wages in India and Bangladesh

The ETN Living Wage Wednesdays aims to increase our members’ knowledge about living wages, and provide practical advice and inspiration as to how a purchasing company can work to enable and implement the payment of living wages in their supply chain. The series entails members meetings with presentations by external experts, to enable dialogue, discussions and sharing of lessons learned and best practice. We aim to keep the sessions practical, leaving substantial time for questions from our members, to strive towards providing relevant knowledge for your company, supply chain and business model.

This meeting will be held in English.

Alok Singh, Regional Director, South Asia, Ethical Trading Initiative (based in New Delhi)
Abil Amin, Country Manager for Bangladesh, Ethical Trading Initiative (based in Dhaka)

In this session we are going into the country-specific context for enabling and implementing living wages in the supply chain, in India and Bangladesh.

Our Regional Director for South Asia will talk about the context in India, going over the recent changes in the labour laws, including the Wage Code. He will also talk about the Indian context in general, and the knowledge of and work with living wages on factory level in India.

Our Country Manager in Bangladesh is working with textile factories supplying ETI member brands. He will talk about the context in Bangladesh, with particular emphasis on what buyers must be aware of when initiating talks about living wages with suppliers in Bangladesh.

This session aims to give practical advise to companies sourcing from these companies, but the relevance will also reach beyond these two production countries.

The event is for members of the Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives and it is free.