Working Group Responsible Purchasing Practices in General Manufacturing: Information meeting

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Om 8 måneder
2. november
- 14:00








Melissa Karadana
Purchasing Practices Programme Lead ETI UK
Margrete Eilertsen
Senior Advisor Ethical Trade Norway
Brita Beresford
Production Manager, Norwegian Concept

Companies’ purchasing practices can have major positive and negative effects on suppliers and supply chain actors. Understanding how your purchasing practices impact your suppliers, and how you can improve your own purchasing practices, is an important measure in your work with due diligence for responsible business conduct.  

We invite members of the Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives (JETI) to this information meeting concerning the upcoming working group on responsible purchasing practices (RPP) within general manufacturing (GM) sectors. Participation in the working group is free for JETI members and is an excellent opportunity for organizations to gain a deeper understanding of responsible purchasing practices, and work on implementing tangible measures to improve their own practices.   

The project will start in November 2023, and last for 16 months until February 2025. In the webinar the outline and objectives of the project will be presented, alongside the benefits of participation. A company participating in the ongoing working group for responsible purchasing practices in apparel and textiles will also share from their experiences and talk about the learnings and benefits they have obtained by participating in the project.  

Target Group:  

This webinar and corresponding working group is for companies and public entities who are interested in learning more about, and improving their own, purchasing practices. The primary focus sectors are within general manufacturing.  Companies within apparel and textiles, and food and beverages, are not eligible for the project.  

Course fees and registration:  

This webinar is free, but exclusive to Joint Ethical Trading Initiative members (ETI UK, ETI Sweden, Ethical trade Denmark and Ethical trade Norway).