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Brudd på migrantarbeideres rettigheter i malaysisk hanskeindustri

IEH har laget en fellesuttalelse til saken i samarbeid med kolleger i International Working Group on Ethical Public Procurement (IWGEPP). Uttalelsen oppfordrer til konstruktiv dialog med Malaysias myndigheter og understreker at boikott er uønsket.

IEH veileder våre medlemmer direkte i denne saken. Vi har også informert den norske ambassaden i Malaysia, Utenriksdepartementet og Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet.

Dette er uttalelsen sendt til malaysiske myndigheter:

Today, on the 18th December 2018, as we celebrate International Migrants Day, members of the International Working Group on Ethical Public Procurement (IWGEPP) makes a statement in regards to allegations on labour rights violations in Malaysia

Since November there have been reports of concerning labour rights violations in the manufacture of healthcare gloves exported to the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. Malaysian gloves manufacturers are allegedly abusing migrant workers by withholding their passports, high recruitment fees, excessive working hours and working consecutive days without any days rest. Due to the seriousness of the allegations and our commitment members of The International Working Groups on Ethical Public Procurement (IWGEPP) are therefore making the following statement:

We welcome discussions with the Malaysian government and other relevant organizations and businesses on how worker rights will be protected in light of continuing concerns in the gloves manufacturing sector. We are hopeful that discussions will lead to real and workable solutions in accordance with agreed international norms on labour rights protection. We would view a boycott on purchasing of gloves made in Malaysia to be an undesirable outcome.

Representatives from The International Working Group on Ethical Public Procurement: Sykehusinnkjøp Norway, Sustainable Public Procurement, a collaboration between the Swedish county councils and regions, Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, British Medical Association, Medical Fair & Ethical Trade Group

The International Working Group on Ethical Public Procurement (IWGEPP) is a collaboration of representatives from public authorities, governmental bodies, multi-stakeholder initiatives and NGOs from several countries. The mission of the IWGEPP is to work towards ethical public procurement becoming a natural and integrated part of public procurement processes in member countries.


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