Living Wage Wednesdays – Fair Wear Foundation: Fair Price App

The ETN Living Wage Wednesdays aims to increase our members’ knowledge about living wages, and provide practical advice and inspiration as to how a purchasing company can work to enable and implement the payment of living wages in their supply chain. The series entails members meetings with presentations by external experts, to enable dialogue, discussions and sharing of lessons learned and best practice. We aim to keep the sessions practical, leaving substantial time for questions from our members, to strive towards providing relevant knowledge for your company, supply chain and business model.

Fair Wear Foundation: Fair Price App

6 April 2022 – 09.00-10.30 – English

Speakers: Anne van Lakerveld, Living Wage Coordinator at Fair Wear Foundation
Paula de Beer, Living Wage Officer at Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation has been focusing on living wages for a long time, and have among others created the widely referenced ‘Living Wages: An Explorer’s Notebook’. They also developed tools and models to calculate costing to enable payment of living wages. Anne and Paula are coordinating the work on living wages at Fair Wear, and will talk to us about the newest development: the Fair Price App.

The digital tool facilitates fact-based costing and shared responsibility between buyers and suppliers to ensure prices sufficiently cover all labour expenses, including when wages are raised. The supplier can select the level of transparency when showing the cost breakdown to buyers. The tool is currently being piloted by Fair Wear members’ suppliers, and will shortly be offered to external companies. Fair Wear also aims to hold information sessions for and offer local support to suppliers on how to use the tool.



The event is for members of Ethical Trade Norway and it is free.