ETI Bangladesh: Mapping climate awareness in the RMG industry

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Bangladesh time: 2:00pm-3:30pm

The Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives have been working with social dialogue in garment factories in Bangladesh since 2014. Through support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), ETI Bangladesh is now establishing a programme called Green Social Dialogue. In this programme, we specialise the social dialogue training, aiming to make ready-made garments (RMG) workers and civil society representatives sensitized to engage on the impacts of climate change on the industry.

Bangladesh is recognised as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change because of its geographic location, population density and the volume of workers in climate-sensitive sectors. The RMG industry is the largest industry in Bangladesh in terms of its’ contribution to the export and gross domestic product. And this sector has a vast impact on the climate through waste, water and energy consumption.

As part of the Green Social Dialogue programme, we have mapped the RMG sector’s awareness of climate change, sustainable waste management, water resource utilisation and energy efficiency. Based on the results of this mapping, we are developing a programme to capacitate workers to engage on these topics and take measures towards common solutions for the best of the climate and the workers.

In this webinar we will share the findings from the needs assessment, our plans for the programme implementation and the indicators by which we measure the success of the programme. The presentation will be given by ETI Bangladesh in collaboration with Ethical Trade Norway.

We look forward to your valued participation in the webinar, which is open to all interested parties. Please sign up through the form below.