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Ethical Trade Norway, National Wool Growers' Association (NWGA)

Buyer-Producer dialogue forum on South African wool and mohair: Emerging and communal farmers

The ECUES project is inviting brands and buyers of South African wool and mohair to a new dialogue forum with emerging and communal farmers in the Eastern Cape. The forum seeks to explore challenges and opportunities for marginalized farmers in South Africa, and strengthen access and connection between local production and international markets.

The webinar is open to all companies/enterprises who wish to:

  • Gain greater understanding of the climate consequences related to wool and mohair production, and what actions companies can undertake to make a difference
  • Greater understanding of the situation of the different categories of producers in South Africa
  • Get the opportunity to assist the marginal farmers to ‘graduate’ to more established commercial farmers producing high quality product
  • The opportunity to develop relationships with producers and to create positive “good story” lines that could be used in branding
  • An opportunity to educate customers to the reality of the farming situation facing wool and mohair farmers in South Africa
  • Better understanding local conditions and standards for ethical production

    Agenda TBA

Target group:

Companies or enterprises who are considering or currently sourcing wool and/or mohair from South Africa or other geographic locations.

Registration and cost:

The webinar is open to members of the Ethical Trading Initiatives: Norway, UK, Sweden and Denmark. For other stakeholders who wish to participate, please contact project manager, Kaja Elise Gresko. (kaja@etiskhandel.no).

The Eastern Cape Upliftment, Empowerment and Sustainability project is funded by Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.




Kaja Elise Gresko

Senior advisor Ethical Trade Norway

Eddy Russell

ECUES Project Management Unit