CNV and FNV and supported by Fairtrade

What can trade unions do for you? Webinar Living Wage

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On the 9th of December Dutch trade union organisations CNV and FNV together with Fairtrade are organizing a webinar on living wage and the role of trade unions. Always wondered how to involve unions in your living wage interventions and where trade unions could come in, this is your chance to learn more.

Yet, quite often in strategies to promote Living Wages in global supply chains, trade unions are not well considered. The risk of developing Living Wage strategies that are not based or at least aligned with social dialogue, is that collective bargaining as means for wage setting is undermined, the position of trade unions in the workplace is eroded and that Living Wages do not become a right in practice for workers. During the webinar several international speakers will discuss best practices and solutions.

What can trade unions do for you?

For all companies and organisations actively involved in implementing Living Wage in international supply chains.

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CNV and FNV and supported by Fairtrade