Ethical Trade Norway and The Norwegian Human Rights Fund

Webinar: Åpenhetsloven og FNs spesialrapportør for MR-forsvarere – How companies benefit from involving HR-defenders in their due diligence work

icon calendar 08.12.21 icon separator 08.12.2021 icon clock11.00 icon separator 12.15 icon calendarEthical Trade Norway – Hausmannsgate 19, Digital participation

Welcome to webinar with  UNs special rapporteur on human rights defenders, Ms. Mary Lawlor! During the pandemic the situation for human rights defenders has worsened and regimes have used exemption laws to knock down opposition and journalists among others.

In a conversation with Executive Director Heidi Furustøl, Ms. Lawlor will talk about the newly adopted Norwegian Transparency Act and how companies can benefit from involving human rights defenders in their due diligence work, and why such involvement is important to ensure respect for human rights in their operations, supply chains and other business relationships. The conversation will be followed by a panel discussion with the participation of Norwegian companies.

 In cooperation with The Norwegian Human Rights Fund, Ethical Trade Norway present an opportunity for a meeting with Ms. Mary Lawlor, the UN Special rapporteur on the situation for human rights defenders. Ms. Lawlor is also Adjunct Professor of Business and Human Rights in the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), School of Business, Trinity College Dublin.

The event is free and open to everyone.


Mary Lawlor, Heidi Furustøl, Ingeborg Moa