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Ethical Trade Norway, National Wool Growers' Association (NWGA)

Members’ meeting: sourcing wool and/or mohair from South Africa

We invite members of Ethical Trade Norway and other ETIs (UK, Sweden, Denmark) to reflect on experiences and lessons from sourcing wool/mohair from South Africa.

What are the greatest supply chain risks, and how can these be handled? How do local standards comply with increased market demands for ethical/sustainable production and traceability? And how can European brands better support sustainable production of wool/mohair in South Africa?

The format of the meeting will be short presentations from participants and group discussions. Agenda TBA

Target group:

Members of the Ethical Trading Initiatives who source wool and/or mohair from South Africa or other geographic locations.

 Registration and cost:

The webinar is open to members of the Ethical Trading Initiatives: Norway, UK, Sweden and Denmark, who source wool/mohair from South Africa (or other geographic locations). For other stakeholders who wish to participate, please contact project manager, Kaja Elise Gresko.

The Eastern Cape Upliftment, Empowerment and Sustainability project is funded by Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.



Kaja Elise Gresko

Senior Advisor, Ethical Trade Norway

Leon de Beer

General Manager, NWGA

Eddy Russel

ECUES Project Management Unit