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Test yourself:

Is ethical trade relevant for me?

Consider the statements below, and answer "yes" or "no" to each one. If you answer "yes" once, or more, a membership in IEH is exactly what you need.

Yes No
When a company is criticised in the media for poor working conditions in its supply chain, I think to myself, "that could have been me".
I don't know very much about where the goods I buy/sell are produced.
If I discover that the goods I buy/sell are produced by children working under poor conditions, I want to do something about it.
In order to save money, I use a low-cost country for my production.
I think it is only the largest companies that have an opportunity to follow up working conditions in the supply chain.
Agricultural products are one of the main components in my products.
I see good working conditions in producers' operations as an important issue, but I haven't started addressing this yet my self.

This guide is prepared by Ethical Trading Initiative - Norway (ETI-Norway), with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ethical Trading Initiative-Norway (ETI-Norway) is a membership organisation and a resource centre for ethical trade.
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