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Template for code of conduct. Read morePage 9
More information about relevant UN and ILO conventions. Read morePage 9
Self-assessment questionaires for suppliers and agents/importers . Read morePage 13
Information about the IEH's risk analysis database tool, RAID, for identifying risk of poor working conditions in the operations of suppliers and agents/importers. Read morePage 13
Information about the Sedex web-based system for sharing information on suppliers' working conditions. Read morePage 13
Information about the Local Resource Network. Read morePage 14 og 19
An information film on how purchasing practices affect working conditions in a supplier's operations. Read morePage 16
Example of a corrective action plan (CAP). Read morePage 19
More about how IEH members report on and communicate their efforts to promote ethical trade. Read morePage 22
IEH's booklet on transparency and responsibility in the supply chain; "Norwegian working conditions at Chinese prices?". Read morePage 22
The Consumer Ombudsman's Guidelines on the Use of Environmental and Ethical Claims in Marketing. Read morePage 22

This guide is prepared by Ethical Trading Initiative - Norway (ETI-Norway), with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ethical Trading Initiative-Norway (ETI-Norway) is a membership organisation and a resource centre for ethical trade.
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