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Become a member of the IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway and gain access to a range of tools and resources to help you and your enterprise to deal with ethical trade challenges in the supply chain.

If you are already a member of IEH, you can log in to the member pages in the top right-hand corner above. Alternatively, you can use the link to the left. Please contact us if you have forgotten your user name and/or password.

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IEH gives you guidance

We assist our members with guidance and tools to equip them to deal with challenges relating to ethical trade in the supply chain. We also seek to encourage more enterprises to work with and tackle challenges in their supply chains.

As there is no law which prohibits or prevents Norwegian enterprises from importing goods manufactured under unlawful conditions, such as child labour or extreme overtime, efforts to promote ethical trade are left to the discretion of the individual enterprise.

IEH offers membership to private and public enterprises and organisations. We provide guidance and tools to equip members to deal with challenges relating to ethical trade in the supply chain.

Advice and tools

IEH's primary objectives are to strengthen its members’ efforts to promote decent working and environmental conditions in their supply chains, and to strengthen the support for ethical trade in general. Our members range from some of Norway’s largest companies to sole proprietorships, public bodies and organisations. The majority of our members are small- and medium-sized enterprises.

We give guidance and advice to our members regarding their progress in promoting ethical trade, and when they encounter challenges. Our members report transparently on the status and progress of their ethical trade efforts using templates developed by IEH. Reporting is also an instrument which businesses can use to evaluate themselves and set specific targets for future work.

Membership secures access to IEH's member pages, courses, tools, networks, seminars and forums for exchanging experiences. Our member pages contain most of IEH's templates and tools, ranging from a template for a Code of Conduct to action plans and self-declaration forms for agents and manufacturers.

Local improvements

As a member of IEH, you will also have access to the RAID risk assessment tool. RAID facilitates quick, simple surveys of the risk of poor working and environmental conditions at production sites, making it easier to decide which suppliers should be given priority with regards to improvement efforts in your supply chain.

The Local Resources Network (LRN) gives IEH members access to local experts and advisors in producer countries. We also organize courses for our members’ suppliers in China,Vietnam and India, and have developed a supplier handbook which makes it easier to work with ethical trade.

Ethical trade is a complex issue, and resources and tools therefore have to be adapted to meet the ever-increasing complexity of our members’ value chains. IEH cooperates with a range of key stakeholders to constantly maintain, develop,  and improve its tools. Together, we make ethical trade efforts more resource-efficient.