IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

Member Obligations

IEH members commit to working actively to achieve IEH's objectives of promoting and cooperating on trade which protects human rights, workers’ rights, development and the environment.

We give guidance and advice to our members regarding their progress in promoting ethical trade, and when they encounter challenges in the supply chain.

The obligations of IEH members are to: 

  • Adopt a code of conduct (COC)/ethical guidelines which are at least as comprehensive as the IEH guidelines
  • Work actively to secure constant improvement in working and environmental conditions at production sites of manufacturers and suppliers, throughout the supply chain. Ethical trade is an ongoing process which requires a long-term focus to ensure lasting change
  • Use their sphere of influence to strengthen support for ethical trade.
  • Report annually to IEH on concrete goals and activities, and on the progress of and results achieved by their ethical trade efforts. The report is made publicly available.
  • Pay a membership fee

Members who severly or repeatedly breach their obligations as IEH members can be excluded.

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Would you like to know more about membership of IEH? Or perhaps you would like to arrange a non-binding meeting? Please contact us.