IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

Member Benefits

We give guidance and advice to our members regarding challenges along the way and the options available for ensuring good working and environmental conditions in their supply chains.

Below, you will find the IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway member benefits:


IEH offers guidance on how you can work effectively to promote ethical trade:

  • Individual feedback and follow-up regarding each member’s ethical trade efforts, based on the goals, progress and impact reported annually to IEH
  • Advice in individual cases, on everything from introducing a Code of Conduct to who you can cooperate with to deal with breaches of the Code and to secure improvements in the supply chain
  • Knowledge about where to find relevant information about the risk of poor working and environmental conditions in specific industries and countries

Resources and tools

IEH provides member pages containing a range of resources and tools based on IEH's implementation model. Some examples are:

  • Various templates for working on ethical guidelines and risk assessment
  • A checklist for surveying new suppliers
  • The RAID risk assessment and identification tool
  • A list of chemicals relating to shoes and textiles

Meeting place and network

Drawing on the experiences of others is an effective mean of promoting ethical trade. The IEH member network gives you access to IEH’s national and international research community, and offers good opportunities to share experiences with fellow members.

  • IEH's forum, in which IEH members receive subject-related input and can discuss challenges and opportunities
  • IEH's national and international network of multilateral initiatives like the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH) and the Social Compliance Initiative (SAI). See the list of cooperation partners and networks.
  • A network of experts in producer countries (the Local Resources Network – LRN)

Courses and seminars

IEH offers various courses and seminars for enterprises in Norway, in addition to organizing courses for IEH members’ suppliers both in Norway and abroad (see ‘Capacity-building for suppliers’ below). IEH offers the following courses and seminars either exclusively to members or at a significantly reduced fee:

  • Introductory course on ethical trade
  • Advanced course on ethical trade
  • Risk assessment using the Risk Assessment Identification Database (RAID)
  • Reporting and communications course
  • Introduction to public sector procurement
  • Course for suppliers to the public sector
  • Tailored courses for large enterprises, for example for purchasing staff
  • Seminars on current topics, such as certification schemes, decent pay, purchasing practices and ethical trade

List of seminar dates (in norwegian)

Capacity-building for suppliers

IEH helps you to build up the capacity of your suppliers abroad. We have a network of local experts and advisers in producer countries. IEH also arranges courses for suppliers to IEH members in China, Vietnam and India, and has developed a supplier handbook containing an overview of local legislation, advice and tips on how suppliers can comply with the requirements in the Code of Conduct.

  • Courses in producer countries for suppliers to IEH members (China, India and Vietnam).
  • Supplier handbooks in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • A network of local experts and advisors in producer countries, through the Local Resources Network (LRN).


The IEH secretariat maintains full confidentiality with regard to all information which it receives from IEH members.

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Would you like to know more about membership of IEH? Or perhaps you would like to arrange a non-binding meeting? Please contact us.