IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

Guidance by IEH

IEH offers its members free guidance and tools to enable them to deal with the challenges relating to ethical trade in their supply chains.

As there is no law which prohibits or prevents Norwegian businesses from importing goods manufactured under unlawful conditions, such as child labour or extreme overtime, efforts to promote ethical trade are left to the discretion ofindividual businesses.IEH offers guidance, supportand tools to enable its members todevelop more sustainable supply chain practices.

Advice and tools

We give guidance and individual advice to our members regarding their progress in promoting ethical trade, and when they encounter challenges in the supply chain. Our members report transparently on their goals, activities and acheivementsusing templates developed by IEH.We send all members annual feedback and guidance, providing specific advice, based on the information given in theannual reports, in addition to the ad hoc guidance provided throughout the year.

Membership in IEH also secures access to IEH's member pages, tools, networks, courses and seminars. Our member pages contain most of IEH's templates and tools, ranging from a template for a Code of Conduct to action plans and self-assessment questionairresfor agents and manufacturers. The RAID risk assessment tool is one example of the kind of tools which members ofIEH can access. RAID enablescompanies to efficientlyassess risk relating toworking conditions at production sites, and makes it easy to assign and prioritisefollow-up activities in the supply chain.

We also give advice and arrange supplier training courses for suppliers toIEH members in China,Vietnam and India. We havedeveloped a supplier handbook which, coupled with supplier training,makes it easierfor members to help build capacity in partnership with their suppliers. The Local Resources Network (LRN) givesIEH members access to local experts and advisors in producer countries.

Constant development

IEHis continuously developing and improving its tools, in cooperation withvarious organisations. Sharing experiences is an efficient and cost effective way to learn about ethical trade, and cooperation between membersgives our ethical trade efforts more impact.

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Would you like to know more about membership of IEH? Or perhaps you would like to arrange a non-binding meeting? Please contact us.