IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

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Ethical trade - how?

IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway's model for ethical trade describes how to work in a targeted and structured manner with ethical trade in your supply chain.

As a member of IEH, you will have access to advice, guidance and a range of resources and tools not included in the public parts of our website. IEH is also an excellent arena for developing new contacts and building networks. We offer courses, seminars and skills-building measures for suppliers. See the IEH member benefits.

From words to action

IEH encourages everyone to work systematically with ethical trade issues, whether you have direct contact with the manufacturing supplier or whether you purchase goods from an agent or importer. It is easy to make bold statements; implementing them is the important thing.

IEH's model for ethical trade gives businesses a good overview of which activities are appropriate at which stage of the process. The proposed activities will overlap and often need to be repeated. Working with ethical trade is a process which involves continuous effort.

Commit Assess Adapt Collaborate Measuring, reporte, communicate

Cooperation is the key

Workers know where the problems lie. Norwegian companies that import raw materials and goods for use, refinement or retail seldom own the entire production system abroad. In addition, change does not occur overnight.

Improvements are therefore primarily secured through long-term cooperation with agents, importers and manufacturers. It may also be a good idea to cooperate with local experts to identify both risks and opportunities for improvements.

Do you need support and advice?

If you are not already a member of IEH, you can become a member and gain access to practical resources and tools, a network of committed companies, courses and guidance. Members also commit to making concrete, targeted efforts to secure improvements in their supply chain.

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Would you like to know more about membership of IEH? Or perhaps you would like to arrange a non-binding meeting? Please contact us.