IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

About IEH - Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

IEH is a resource centre and an advocate for ethical trade practices. Our objective is cooperation on trade which promotes human rights, workers’ rights, development and environmental standards.

IEH – Ethical Trading Initiative Norway is multi-stakeholder initiative, represented by NGOs, Trade Unions, Businesses and the Enterprise Federation of Norway.

IEH’s aim is to strengthen its members’ efforts to promote decent working and environmental conditions in their supply chains, and to strengthen support for ethical trade in general. We are a member organisation for companies, organisations and public enterprises. Our members range from some of Norway’s largest companies to sole proprietorships, public bodies and organisations. The majority of our members are small- and medium-sized enterprises. See the register of members.

Being a member of IEH means tackling challenges in the supply chain and reporting openly on the status and progress of efforts. Membership involves a commitment to continuous improvement efforts, and secures access to courses, networks and forums for exchanges of experience, seminars and advice. Our promotion of ethical trade includes both initiatives directed at our members and the work we do to ensure that the Norwegian authorities facilitate ethical trade generally in the private and public sectors. See the list of member benefits.

Norwegian Church Aid took the initiative to establish IEH in 2000, along with Virke – the Federation of Norwegian Enterprises (formerly HSH), the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and Coop Norway. We are formally independent of, but cooperate closely with, likeminded national and international organisations, and with local experts in many producer countries. We are also part of various networks. See the list of partners and networks.


Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Do you need guidance? Become a member of IEH!

Would you like to know more about membership of IEH? Or perhaps you would like to arrange a non-binding meeting? Please contact us.