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Breakfast meeting: How Business Can Support Civic Freedoms and Human Rights Defenders

12. november 2018
Kl. 07:45-09:30
Hausmannsgate 19

Human rights defenders and civil society organizations are being increasingly attacked and criminalised around the world, and face growing legal and administrative restrictions. At the same time the rule of law is being undermined in many countries, and business are starting to take notice and action. The purpose of the roundtable is to discuss the possible role of business on this increasingly urgent agenda.

On the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, “The Declaration has become a milestone in the human rights project and resources have been provided for the promotion and protection of human rights defenders. However, I am more concerned than ever,” Michel Forst, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, said in his latest report. 

At this breakfast meeting Mr. Michel Forst will present to Norwegian business the main conclusions on his report to the UN which centres on business; spell out the expectations of his mandate from business vis-à-vis Human Rights Due Diligence and offer collaboration, support and expertise from the UN.

Mr. Forst is joined by Mr. Mauricio Lazala, Deputy Director & Head of Europe Office at Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, which has recently produced guidance for companies on why, when and how business should engage on these issues and encourages action. BHRRC has also good experience with roundtable discussion with business as well as business networks.


0745-0800 Light Breakfast

0800-0830 Mr. Forst, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders –summary of reports’ recommendations

0830-0850 Mr. Mauricio Lazala, Deputy Director & Head of Europe Office at BHRRC –business case and best practice examples

0850-0925 Discussion with Norwegian Businesses

0925-0930 Closing Remarks Mrs. Heidi Furustøl Executive Director Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

Address: Hausmannsgate 19, 2.floor IEH
Registration until Friday 9.11.