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CottonUP: how a new guide can help fast-track your sustainable cotton sourcing

Sourcing more sustainable cotton is essential for any fashion brand or retailer with ambitions to reduce the apparel sector’s social and environmental impacts. However, researching the most appropriate sourcing approach for your organisation’s sustainability priorities is time and resource intensive.

The partners in the global Cotton 2040 initiative have launched a digital guide to unpick the complexity of sustainable sourcing and support businesses with fast-tracking cotton sourcing strategies across multiple standards.

Join Cotton 2040 partners Forum for the Future and Made-By in this webinar to explore how the CottonUP guide can help your organisation understand the business case and main sourcing options for sustainable cotton, develop a sourcing strategy and weave sustainable cotton into your supply chain.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Tthe main challenges associated with cotton production
  • The benefits of sourcing more sustainable cotton
  • Introduction to the CottonUP guide
  • Introduction to the six steps to sourcing sustainable cotton
  • Q&A


Charlene Collison, Project lead, Cotton 2040 at Forum for the Future

Jacqueline Vater, Programme Manager: Sustainable Product & Story at Made-By